Welcome to Pacific Stevedoring, LLC (PacSteve) based in the #1 fishing port of the United States in Dutch Harbor, AK. Located along the Aleutian Chain, approximately 800 miles from Anchorage, PacSteve is centrally located in the North Pacific directly aligned with shipping routes between the West Coast and Pacific Rim nations. Our location allows us to work at the center of the nation’s most productive fishing grounds.

PacSteve maintains a dedicated management team and a skilled workforce experienced in all aspects of cargo handling and terminal operations. Our history is defined by our strong work ethic at being able to operate 24 hours a day 7 days a week with the most advanced equipment available in some of the most challenging weather conditions in the nation.

Pacific Stevedoring LLC is a subsidiary of North American Stevedoring Inc. - http://www.northamericanstevedoring.com